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What is Collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body. In most collagens, the molecules are packed together to form long, thin fibrils. These act as supporting structures and anchor cells to each other. They give the skin strength and elasticity.

Collagen has great tensile strength, and is the main component of cartilage, ligaments, tendons, bone, and teeth. Along with soft keratin, it is responsible for skin strength and elasticity, and it’s degradation leads to wrinkles that accompany aging. Unfortunately the body’s collagen production begins to slow down as you age and in turn leads to signs of ageing.

What Does Marine Collage Do?

Preclinical studies show that ingesting marine collagen repairs skin collagen and elastin protein fibers and produces a significant thickening of the outer skin surface (epidermis). Human studies have reported decreased wrinkles and improved skin hydration and firmness following marine collagen supplementation.

What Makes our Marine Collagen Sustainable?

Our suppliers focus on sustainability with an emphasis on being aware that Marine resources are limited, so the necessary steps are taken to prevent over-fishing.

Our collagen is sourced from both wild caught and farmed fishing sources to ensure the sustainabilty of fish for future generations.

The fisheries in which the marine collagen is sourced were created with sustainable business practices in mind and according to environmental criteria. This considers natural resources, managing those levels and considering the ecosystem in which they exist.

Sustainability starts at the source of Marine collagen and extends to those in the process of harvesting it. Our supplier focuses on being aware of the following factors:

Environment - ethically and suitably sourcing the goods. No harm is to be done to current or future natural marine resources in the process. There is also a focus on decreasing levels of waste.

Economic factors - balance between economic power and society. This considers well being of the team involved and implementing sustainable business practices that are fair.

Social factors - such as employee and community. Protecting employees and respecting business ethics in the process. Making sure there is a safe work environment for employees.

Why Type 1 Hydrolysed Marine collagen?

We focused on type one collagen because this type focuses on structure to skin, bones, tendons, fibrous cartilage, connective tissue, and teeth. Type 1 collagen fibrils are particularly capable of being stretched. Gram-for-gram, they are stronger than steel. Type one collagen is mainly found in Marine collagen. Type 1 Collagen is considered to be one of the best types for beauty and skin focused areas.

We made sure to focus on hydrolysed collagen because this type allows the collagen to be absorbed more easily.

We have added sustainably sourced marine collagen (fish) due to how its sourced when compared with bovine collagen (cow). Bovine is created from cow hides, and marine is made from fish skin and scales.

So overall we picked Marine collagen as it has a large focus on type 1 collagen which is one of the best types for beauty and skin.

Our Marine collagen is of a premium quality, sustainably sourced from France and with it being hydrolysed it is more easily absorbed.

Why 'hydrolysed' collagen?

Hydrolysed collagen is collagen that has been broken down into extremely small molecules (also know as peptides). The reason hydrolysed collagen is beneficial is because it allows the collagen to be adsorbed more easily.

At the end of the day we want as much of the hydrolysed collagen to be absorbed as possible and as easy as possible.

Why Marine Collagen instead of bovine collagen?

Due to the beauty and skin focused benefits of Marine Collagen and due to how our Marine Collagen is sustainably sourced. We also picked Marine Collagen as it has allowed our formula to focus on the Type 1 collagen benefits.

Another pro of marine collagen is that it is the most bioavailable of all other types of collagen. This means it absorbs more quickly and more easily than other types of collagen. Therefore, there is the potential for you to see results faster.

Marine Collagen is from the ocean, wild-caught and free from added hormones and antibiotics.

Why don’t your formulas have higher doses of Marine Collagen?

As with any consumable supplement the body can only absorb certain amounts of ingredients. Firstly we have added an amount of Marine Collagen that is backed by scientific researched to be very effective at that selected level. Secondly, our products don't just focus on collagen as we want your daily dose of beauty to consist of many beneficial active ingredients. These selected ingredients have the purpose of adding to the overall beauty and skin benefits, inside and outside! So what are the other amazing ingredients you ask?

Take for example our product Eugaia Bloom. Here is the list of actives that work alongside our hydrolysed marine collagen to give you even more support and benefits:

Hydrolysed French Marine Collagen, Hydrolysed Elastin, Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid), Zinc (as Zinc Gluconate), Vitamin B3 (as Niacinamide), Apple Cider Vinegar Powder, Livaux® New Zealand Gold Kiwifruit Powder, Silica Colloidal Anhydrous

Take a look at all our active ingredients compared to others and you will see how amazing our active ingredients list is.

What Payment Types Do You Accept?

Visa • Mastercard • Paypal • Afterpay (only for New Zealand and Australian Customers)

In Regards to Poli Pay - Please be aware that bank deposits clear overnight. We do not ship out until the bank deposit has cleared into our account.

Change of mind disclaimer?

All change of mind refunds are up to the discretion of the Eugaia team. If we do offer a refund it will be issued as a gift voucher. Our gift vouchers are valid for 12 months. If you are given a refund for a change of mind you will not be refunded the shipping cost you paid. Unfortunately we currently cannot accept change of mind returns on international orders.

I don't like the flavour profile of the product? Can i return it for a refund?

We cannot offer refunds if you don't like the flavour/taste of the products. Flavour profile is very specific from person to person but we have done our best to find a good balance between sweetness and subtle flavours.

We cannot accept change of mind returns on supplements and beauty blends once opened. This is due to health and safety reasons.

Suggestions to adjust the flavour profile:

  • Try to add more water to dilute the strength of the flavour profile
  • If you want the flavour profile to be sweeter, add your favourite sweetner to the drink (e.g. sugar, etc).
  • try a half serve and see if that improves the flavour.

Our Return Process?

Where do I get my order invoice from?

When you place an order you will receive an email called 'Order Confirmation'. Open this email and scroll down to the bottom of the email. There will be a clickable link called 'click here to download your order invoice'. Click this to open download your invoice.

What happens if I put an incorrect address when placing my order?

Please contact us via our contact page with your order number and the correct address asap. However if the order is shipped before you do this we will need to wait for it to be returned back to us before we can help further.

If you put the wrong address and the parcel cannot be delivered it is generally returned back to us. If we receive it back, we will contact you stating what has happened. If this occurs and all the items in the parcel are in good sellable condition there are two outcomes we can provide:

1. We can refund you the order amount less the shipping cost you initially paid.

2. We can resend the item to your updated address but you will be required to pay for shipping again.

If we do not hear from you within 7 days we will proceed as per option 1 stated above.

Please be aware that it is your responsibility to make sure you put the correct address when you make an order on Eugaia.

Please double check your address before confirming your order. Thank you.

Unclaimed parcel disclaimer?

If we receive a parcel back due to it being unclaimed or due to non payment of customs fee's and all the items in the parcel are in good sellable condition there are two outcomes we can provide:

1. We can refund you the order amount less the shipping cost you initially paid less the $5 NZD Restocking fee.

2. We can resend the item to you but you will be required to pay for shipping again.

If we do not hear from you within 7 days of our team contacting you via email we will proceed as per option 1 stated above

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Why does the checkout page and invoice state my order in New Zealand Dollars?

Our bank account can only receive New Zealand Dollars. When browsing the website, your local currency will be shown automatically for your convenience - but during the payment process you will be charged in NZD. Your credit card company will convert this, and you will see the final charge in your local currency on your statement.

Can I have more than one serving of Eugaia Bloom hydrolysed marine collagen + per day?

We suggest one serving per day but yes you can have two per day if you wish.